Friday, July 03, 2009

Compressing through a Key Hole

Whenever I sit in front of a computer to write a blog, my mind goes blank. Conflicting views, a flood of thoughts and my stream of conscience goes on a roller coaster ride. People who blog need structure, patience and need to have an idea to express to the world. Right. Well sadly, I find myself lacking on the first two, and have way too many things to tell the world - if need be. And like all bad writers, I usually come up with what I write by thinking but 10 seconds of the composition of the sentence.

Most important, however, a blogger, at least who wants readers, has to be and should want to be a wanton exhibitionist.


I opened the door, as I heard the doorbell ring. A kid whose face was red and had little expressions was standing with a woman draped in a maroon sari, who I guessed should be his mother. "Hello is your mom there. this is Rahul. He..", I smirked - the sample set for Indian names had come down drastically. Kids I come across these days rarely have names people have not heard of ( Come on, no one names their kids "Pulakesin" these days :( ) "is my son." I had seen the woman before, she was the big eyed woman who kept looking at me from the next door window. Our houses were adjacent, her and mine - my room was one on the first floor and had a window which opened almost right into her kitchen. As my windows have no curtains and the computer was in my room, my privacy was always under check. Nevertheless, she never complained even when I played music louder than normal, - though most of the time , I do try to keep the volume under check. Unlike me, she also did something useful through the day and ran a Kindergarten under the franchise "Kidzee". And yes, unlike me, she probably gets along with all those cute little monsters who get dropped at her doorstep every morning.
"I heard you play your guitar. Can you teach him how to play? I am willing to pay", she asked.
I blinked. Me? Teach someone to play the guitar? For a second there, I was happy - heck, she must think I am real good. In fact the reason she probably keeps looking through the window and giving me expressionless stares when I played the guitar was because I was that damn good. Ha.
But Wait, there usually is a catch to such offers.

"I could teach him for an hour or two everday, how much could you give me?", I asked her shamelessly.

"I will give you 400Rs for every hour you teach him. But you should teach him everything. He should be able to play songs as soon as possible". I blinked again. Not bad money at all.

"I am not that great a guitar player, myself ... ... why don't you take him to a music school instead?"
"He is 4. The music school at least wants him to be 6 before they can teach anybody"

I looked down at the kid. I almost felt sorry for him. Soon, it will be time for him to enter a school,get into coaching classes and do more ridiculous things that society expects him to do to get ahead in life. The kid was actually, I am pretty sure, shorter than my guitar.I decided to let this opportunity for making a quick buck pass. Besides, I don't like kids too much anyway.
And besides, I guess that poor kid is going to suffer anyway - I already see him five years on, coming to me for JEE advice and 2 years after that for CAT advice. (yes, they do think highly of me)

"No Aunty, I really am no good. MOM..." Exit stage right.

I went to the hall and turned on the TV while left the neighbour and mom alone. There was some small chat and she left. India vs South Afica day 5 2nd Test. A I was multitasking - reading a book called 'V' and watching TV. No sooner I had brought my head down to read the book than I heard the commentators and players scream; India had got a wicket - Amit Mishra was the bowler and the batsman was Prince. Neo Sports broke into an advertisement break.

The advertisement has a girl walking out of water in a swimsuit. It caught my attention. And then out of nowhere, the ad screamed "Vishwas hai, ismain kuch khas hain. JK cement." That's it folks. With this, Indian advertising had been taken to an all new level.

Ta says that this is an example of Poe's law.

me: The JK cement ad is absolutely ridiculuos
7:29 PM Ta: the woman?
i think a woman made it
poe's law

Ironically, I found the best definition of Poe's Law on Conservapedia: Poe's Law is an internet law stating that "Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of Fundamentalism that SOMEONE won't mistake for the real thing." Again, iIronically, it also says that it was originally proposed by Christian Forums user Nathan Poe. The best example of this law was illustrated when some conservatives mistook the The Colbert show to be seriously about taking up their cause. Yes, some people think that Colbert is serious when he says "They weren't booing at Sarah Palin at that Hockey game. The crowd was just getting in the Halloween Spirit. BOOOOOOOOOO. This Is the Colbert Report!". You don't wink, it's not a joke. The widget on the side which says "Donate to me and I will save Rainforests" is not an example of Poe's law because I say so :| Do donate to me. err...And I will save Rainforests. But donate to me, ok?

Poe's law (Mathematically):

So according to Ta (who claims that she can think like a woman, because she is one), a woman has designed the ad, and is probably laughing her ass off somewhere. On the other hand, it works for advertisers - as people are watching the ad (? O_O)

Meanwhile, I am still trying to find a video of this online. Can someone help me?

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